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Get your ad in front of the right developers

Our matching algorithm only notifies developers who are qualified for your job position.

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Half of the work done for you

Before you spend time exchanging emails with applicants, get a detailed overview of their background and skills.

We even verify their skills in a given stack, as well as ownership of a GitHub account.

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Qualified applicants

Our algorithm matches the job only with developers which are qualified for your job position.

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Developer directory

Search and filter through all developers on our platform, to find the ideal match for your company.

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Pay per job posting, or per month.

We offer two plans to meet the needs of all companies.

Pay as you go

$200 $99 / job posting

StackJobs will always be free for developers.

  • Up for one month

  • All the job requirements and filters

  • Reviewing applications

  • Analytics


$299 $149 / seat per month

Invite your team and use the developer directory.

  • All pay-as-you-go features

  • Invite co-workers

  • Access the Developer Directory

  • 1 free job per seat, extra jobs for $79

Advanced filtering

Hiring remote but only in the US? Or maybe worldwide, except Europe, but allow UK? We have advanced regional rules that let you scope your job posting to only the countries where your business can hire.

Regional scopes

Stay organized

Our dashboard lets you see applications that need to be reviewed, as well as the most recent activity. No more chaos.

Recruiter dashboard

Zero lock-in

Don't want to handle applications in StackJobs? Already using some other platform? No problem, just select "External URL" when posting your jobs, and developers will be taken to your link when they apply.

Externally hosted application

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Launch discount: 50% off all premium features!

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