Terms of Service

The merchant of record is Gumroad (they do taxes for us), but this agreement applies between the customer and us.

We =, legally owned by Samuel Štancl ID no. 09023861, Czech Republic


Our liability to you for costs, damages, or other losses arising from your use of the library is limited to a refund of your license fee. We may not be held liable for any consequential damages related to your use of library.


Developers are users which sign up to search for jobs and receive job offers.

Developers may voluntarily get verified in a skill. This verification is paid. If a developer fails a job verification, he'll be partially refunded (more details on each product page).


Recruiters are users which sign up to manage their company's job postings and job applications.

Job postings are paid per posting. Using the platform itself is free.

Recruiters may also get a team subscription. This gives them access to a directory of developers and a number of free job postings per month.

Our rights

We reserve the right to cancel a user's account for any reason. (We really don't want to do this, but we keep this right in case some users act in very bad faith, cause issues to other customers, or do anything else that we don't like.) If we do so, we'll refund you in full.

Specifically, we'll refund Developers their verification costs, and we'll refund Recruiters the costs of their current job postings and subscriptions. Past costs are not refunded for recruiters.